After 22 years of experience in the restaurant business, now Verdi Pizza chain includes:
6 restaurants
2 fast food outlets
2 home delivery outlets
1 catering outlet located in a large food store
Franchise parameters:


Since 2009 we have also been offering the possibility for franchise purchasing. We have Pizza Verdi belonging to franchisers in Plovdiv. Our franchise system provides an opportunity for exclusivity, overall training and advertising support. Over the years we have developed standards guaranteeing our successful business for more than 20 years. They include practice-tested methods of work, described in details in a special manual with professional advice. Our objective is to support the start-up business of the franchisee to a maximum extent, and guarantee fast investment return. The term of the contract is 5 years and the biggest advantages are low taxes and proven professionalism.


Depending on the specific outlet, the initial franchise fee is between EUR 3,000 and 15,000. Any entrepreneur must envisage monthly advertising fees at the amount of 2% of the income and monthly deductions between 5 and 8%. Again the outlet type determines the amount of the additional investment connected with the establishment of franchise of Pizza Verdi. For the launching of franchise of Pizza Verdi the applicants need not have previous experience in the restaurant business. The entrepreneurs may be located in any city or resort in the country. Our company offers its tested techniques of management of Pizza Verdi which have turned us into one of the leaders in the industry.
We stimulate the applicants willing to open a second outlet by offering them great discounts for every following franchise. Purchasing of our franchise may also be made in installments or lease but this option is determined on a case by case basis.